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courts. >> presiding judge catherine feinstein broke the bad news, 200 employees will be laid off. about 40% of the work force. 25 of the 63 courtrooms will close. >> the civil division will be out of business. the cases are going to sit on shelves, piled high. and... will not make it into a courtroom foreclose to five years. it will, for all purposes dismantle our court. paying a traffic ticket or a criminal fine at the hall of justice will take hours of standing in line. there are going to be few clerk there's to process your payment. obtaining a copy of a criminal or a civil court record will take months. obtaining a divorce will take at least a year and a half. >> feinstein says this was the only option, san francisco's courts face a deficit of
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almost $14 million in recent years, the court dipped into reserves to prevent layoffs. but reserves have tried up. now, it's budget will be cut by almost $5 million. the state judiciary budget will take a hit this fiscal year. chief justice says in a written statement the counsel will continue to look for ways to search for solutions to alleviate the impact of the unprecedented cuts in the court budget. but feinstein says she has little confidence in the judicial counsel and it's administrative office of the courts to manage the budget. >> i'm disappointed with decisions ma that have been made by aoc and jew dish yil counsel. they've not been in the best interest of the court. >> the reform-minded group alliance of california judges wants the judicial council to scrap its computer upgrade, die vefrting that money to the
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day-to-day running of the courts. >> this is fiddling his violin, one is burning. rome is burning and they're fiddling away up there. >> the criminal courts won'ting affected as much because there are laws preventing delays in those cases. the judge says don't expect things to improve next year, they're looking at a $10 million deficit. she warns more cuts in january if the state doesn't get its projected revenues. >> thank you, vick and san francisco's courts are in the worst shape because they've used their reserve funds to stay fully staffed but other counties are taking major hits. san mateo faces $2.7 million z alameda county is in the hole more than.$5 million, but they still have some reserve funds left. >> tonight san francisco
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police are playing video and audio evidence that they say clearly shows the man she shot over the weekend had a gun and shot at them first. kenneth harding on parole from the state of wash and had a run in with police here, saturday. we're live tonight with the latest on this story. >> well, police chief used to be captain of the bay view station, he's well known in that district. he says the shooting incident will be a huge set back to community policing efforts until the department can prove its version of the events. >> this follows the killing of a seattle man shot to death by police as they tried to shop him from failing to pay his fare saturday. officers say he fired on them and ran away, but there is
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criticism. >> you can wound a man. and he has a gun on him, that is fine but to continue shooting him it almost like mass murder to people on the streets. >> police chief says this amateur video is helping with this investigation. he says it clearly shows a gun on the scene. it's been recovered and tests must determine if harding was carrying it. >> if this appears to look like the same firearm on the ground. can i not confirm that that is the same weapon. >> he says they're still looking for the man who initially picked up the gun and for shell casings and a missing cell phone. the chief hopes someone will turn them over. >> plenty of bay view community members have been coming forward and helping us get the truth out about this case. >> the police department also provided audio of their shot spotter system, picking up
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sounds, giving the location of gunshots. 10 were fired in this incident. investigators say harding arrived in san francisco. and in washington, he had been convicted in 2008 of assaulting a bus driver. and in 2010 for promoting prostitution by pimping a teen-aged girl. he served 22 months in prison for that crime. he was a person of interest in the murder of a 19-year-old seattle woman whose funeral is friday. >> i think about that beautiful angel. she was brought into my life for a reason. real. that is my baby. i'm going to miss her. >> there will be a town hall meeting on wednesday evening with the police chief from the department. as far as officers in the incident, they have been
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placed on paid leave, which is routine. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you oo. and police say a violent night in richmond may have been a turf battle two. people were shot and killed, including gracey lee's son, her son, deshaun lee was shot to death last night. this is the second son gracey lost to violence in richmond. one of her five sons was shot and killed 10 years ago just blocks from where her son was shot last night. >> it's like i used to tell my boys... there is nothing you can do to bring the ones you love back. and vengeance doesn't solve nothing but more trouble. more bodies. more, you know? >> right. >> gracey said he just grad waited from a culinary school is supposed nobody a job interview this morning. >> the son of a prominent east bay lawyer is accused of
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stealing millions from clients. police arrested carl miller after a number of people came forward claiming miller took their money. he appeared to be a successful real estate investor with 175 clients, treasurer of a local boy scout troop and had a mansion in or yinda. some say their monday paid for the life style. >> it's hard. it's different when you lose money in the market but when it's -- basically taken from you... stolen, it's -- it hurts. it's like having a car stolen. it's -- you feel violated. >> miller's attorney says carl miller is going to do everything tronl make things right. his bail hearing is set for tomorrow morning. >> the fight over redevelopment funds is now headed to the state supreme court and the city of san jose is among those leading the charge. severe state cuts all but eliminated what many consider a vital tool at the local level. we are live now in san jose.
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>> this 126 page lawsuit was filed with the state of california. california redevelopment association and league of cities says stwhait is trying to do violates proposition 22 passed by 61% of the voters and makes it illegal for state to seize or redevelopment dedicated to local governments. the improvements at the civic center may be the last big project they ever complete. the $11.4 million started in 2008, and are finishing up just as redevelopment agency fights to survive. the california redevelopment association file aid lawsuit with the state court arguing the budget deal is unconstitutional. >> what they're doing is
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redirecting the money. at the end of the day where money goes is the issue. >> the state argues the legislature created redevelopment agencies and has power eliminate them. the complex deal that closed a $27 billion budget short fall relies on $1.7 billion inappropriate tax revenue that was aloe indicated to redevelopment agencies and now must be spent on schools. >> this issue here is can the state continue business as usual? the legislature said no. >> the san jose is responsible for projects ranging from the tech museum to affordable housing, going from a staff of 90 to just eight today f nothing changes this will cease to exist altogether on october 1. >> that is better remaining we're just going to proceed as we can. to there is no longer
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redevelopment. we can come back, slowly. >> and so time is of the essence. the lawsuit asked the court to direct and stay this oorder, making sure no changes are made to california's redevelopment agencies and this is until the court can do a full result of the lawsuit. >> still to come a neighborhood chooses sides in a dispute with safeway over plans for replacing a local eye sore with a new supermarket. >> and if there is one extra person is a success. >> an east bay city joins a band bag war in afghanistan on. >> there are notice goings out to california drivers that have many scratching their heads. we'll straighten ut out later on 7 on your side. >> and there is a group of local all stars qualifies for
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a league world series. it's a race against time to get there.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. it's been there 40 years, and tonight plans to replace the safeway store with a bigger supermarket are coming under fire. and. >> this is beautiful. >> patrick is worried the view from the flower shop is about to change. >> if you turn around, it will be there. >> that is because safeway wants to replace the 40-year-old super mashlgt with a new one twice the size.
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>> they're going to impact street and i think that the time my kids are kids, a block like this will be gone. >> just like patrick's, safeway sells flowers and meat, bread, like a baker and a growing selection of wine. >> i doubt they want us to be here. >> do you think they want to capture business? >> our goal is not to have a negative impact well. hope this building will enhance it and safeway launched an outreach campaign to let people know this is no ordinary big box store. the building will have store fronts for other small retailers, the supermarket, up stairs and parking underground. >> you'll get more of a feel of a neighborhood rather than an open parking lot. >> the store is larger, it feels like it's more in character with the rest of the rockridge. >> jeff small, used to be on the neighborhood counsel says he doubts it will hurt business. >> i think that the customer is a that goes to safeway is a different customer than would
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shop at one of the finer stores in rockridge. >> but the decision on a new store rests not with the neighbor buzz the city of oakland. both sides will have a chance to try to convince the city on a planning commission meeting on wednesday. >> cisco systems confirms tonight it plans to eliminate 65,000 jobs affecting employees around the world. part of a stream lining effort to refine operations and cut expenses by $1 billion per year. layoffs were reported last week, but cisco offered details there is a 9% work force reduction. upper management cut by 15%. 2100 employees taking early retirement. >> the san francisco chapter of the naacp calling for a resolution at the national level to pressure u.s. airways into changing its dress policy from arrest of a man asked by the flight crew to pull up his
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saggy pants. the local chapter picketed today upset over the arrest of deshawn marman. he says he does not believe the claim was the refusal to follow crew orders. >> and this issue started around his sagging pants. >> the spokesperson for u.s. airways tells abc 7 news it looks forward to continuing the dialogue and san francisco chapter says it has not heard from the airline. >> and hard hit during the town economy, one city looking for new ways to drum up business. abc 7 has the story. >> the city of concord cooked up a new way to bring local customers in the door. it's a web site called try it
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local. the idea he is, deep discounts for everything from the meal and a local restaurant with merchandise in area retail stores. >> these are offers for a certain length of time. after that time, everyone who buys a deal will get an e mail with a coupon. >> and the owner's offerings $30 worth of food for purchase of a $15 voucher. >> we track all of our advertisements and we'll see the return on how we do. and it's a success. >> each deal available for purchase two days, twhauns ends, the customer can down load it. like all cities, concord business owners struggled. >> marketing professional photography is difficult.
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>> the family-owned store stayed in business more than 65 years, largely by reinventing itself to keep up with ever-changing industry. saying turning to the internet to attract new business is a logical next step. >> there is lots of different marketing-type coupons out there, living social, groupon, whatever. a lot of them like to use it where you have multiple locations. we'll only have one location. we're pretty centralized right here, we thought we'd give it a dry. >> the site will feature one new deal marketing it on social networking sites and there is a link that can be found on our web site. in concord, abc 7 news. >> and things got warmer today. >> and warmer to come. >> spencer christian is here. >> and we have clouds early morning and today, the coast started off sunny.
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and clouds roared back into the afternoon. there is a live view in emeryville. there is our marine layer. it's working across the bay right now. and there is a coast experiencing cloudy conditions and local inland areas will be seeing clouds as well, temperatures inland still into 70s, nice, mild to warm. low to mid-70s, and 77 in redwood city. so it's mild on the peninsula. 60 degrees in san francisco now. and there is low clouds, and on the coast and ash the bay tonight. sunny skies in most areas tomorrow, warmer weather in all locations. and showing an upper level low, still having rather significant influence on the weather. and there are clouds being pushed to the coast. overnight tonight dealing with low clouds and fog, low
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temperatures not dropping very low, mid to upper 50s and cooler up into the north bay. there are some low 50s as lows. and we'll start off at 5:00 a.m. and there will be low clouds and fog in irnland locations that will burn back to the coast. north of the golden gate away from the coast. sunny skies along the coast up north from golden gate south ward looks like low clouds and fog will linger. and there is 70s around the bay. mid-80s inland. sunny skies by afternoon, high temperatures ranging from upper 70s to low 80s. and and there are highs ranging from mid to upper 70s mainly. and on the coast, 62 in pacifica. and 66 half moon bay. and there is a high of 68 tomorrow, and up into north bay, highs from 70 to 78 in san rafael and novato. 80 in sonoma.
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and near east bay highs into 70s in all locations except richmond. 72 in oakland. 74 hayward and 76 in fremont. inland east bay into mid-80s. there is 85 antioch. and down near monterey bay, mid-70s in watsonville. and mid-80s inland. and looks like this, warming up to low 90s inland wednesday. and 80 on the peninsula. and there is a drop off a couple degrees thursday, and more friday, starting to warm up saturday. and sunday, monday, highs into low to mid-80s around the bay. and there is a little bit of fluke twaigs. it will be warm and not excessively hot. >> time of the year we've had a number of days of 100 plus. >> that is true. >> and do you remember a giant
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dust storm in the desert in -- a couple months ago? it has h h h h h h h h h h h h t
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a battle is brewing over san francisco sidewalk was at and t in one corner. at issue are utility boxes like this one. at and t wants to put up about 500 smaller versions of these on the city sidewalks to house
6:25 pm
its u verse phone equipment. some groups say they're an eye sore and should be put on private property. >> identify private property owner who's can use extra dollars in-housing at and t equipment well. don't want to see this graffiti magnet taking away from the character of our neighborhoods. >> the san francisco board of supervisors will decide foam toem if it requires an environmental impact report. and at and t says it won't install them on any streets where residents oppose them. >> recycling may not be enough to reduce a carbon foot print. according to a study, meat and dairy production requires so much feed, fertilizer and pesticide that's generate vast amounts of green house gases. they say that burger or steak may be harming the environment mer than you realize.
6:26 pm
>> everyone skip meat and cheese one day per week for a year it would be like taking 7 and a half million cars off the road. and if a family of four cuts their steak out once a week, it's like taking a car off the road three month autos the group does not advocate giving up meat entirely, just eating less of it. >> and still ahead here tonight, president obama reports progress in the national debt crisis. coming up, a new plan to cut spending and raise the age on social security. >> and a strange new turn of events in britain's phone-hacking scandal. the reporter who blew the whistle on it has been found dead. >> live from phoenix, there is a dust storm, another one rolling through the desert. we'll have latest on that as the news at 6:00 continues.
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good evening, again, we'll start in washington. president obama and congressional leaders met again today hoping to strike a deal on raising america's debt limit. two sides failed to reach an agreement yet again but the president entered a discussion saying progress is being made as the white house tries to set an optimistic tone. >> unique opportunity is presenting itself here for the united states to do something historic, working together, democrats and republicans. to... significantly reduce our deficit. get debt under control. >> the republican senator is now offering up his own plan and says would slash $9 trillion it would also raise the age for collecting social security benefits to 70. >> this fact is that politicians desire for a career get in the way of doing what is best for the country. we know that. you see it every day.
6:31 pm
i'm saying it's time for a new day. >> the house is expected to vote as early as tomorrow on a so called cut, cap and balance plan. and it would allow the government to borough $2.4 trillion only after immediate cuts and adoption of a balanced budget amendment. the measure sure to stall in the senate. >> and the phone-hacking scandal rocking great britain has another victim tonight. the whistle blower accusing the news of the world newspaper of wide spread accuses was found dead today in his home. police say they do not consider this discuss pishus. one day after the head of scotland yard resigned hi top deputy followed him out of the door. news korp owner and his son are scheduled to testify before the parliament tomorrow. >> and it's happened again. a large dust storm sweeping through phoenix now for the second time in just the last
6:32 pm
few weeks. the cloud blanketed the region push bid up to 50 miles per hour winds. it's fascinating to take a look at. strange, too. some experts are warning of potential health risks. doctors say it can trigger valley fever. and you can see and understand why. >> and no relief in sight for millions of dollars baking in heat across the country. heat advisories are now posted in 17 states from texas to ohio and minnesota. several fans of the baseball game had to be treated for heat exhaustion. in all, temperatures topped 100 degrees in five states today with humidity making it feel hotter. >> it's muggy. and this 72-year-old is going into that water, honey. >> the combination is dangerous. and heat is the number one
6:33 pm
weather-related killer in the u.s.. officials are urging people to stay hydrated and advicing them to drink two bottles of water per hour to avoid heat stroke. >> stock prices taking another dive. the nasdaq is down 24. and mostly over concerns about the death crisis. and the price of gold reached a new milestone today, closing at just more than $1600 an ounce. it was still more expensive in 1980s, clorox company rejected a $10 billion buyout offer from carl icon, making the offer last week, hoping to start a bidding war and clorox said today no deal. the charles swhwab company reported profits up 16%,
6:34 pm
trading revenue is down but its fee-based business more than made up for that. and cal pers today reported a $37 billion gain in its investments last year, more than 20%. the best in 20 years. >> and research researching ahead of time and lunting for coupons has been a good way to save money. >> now there is an app for that. now smart phones are revolutionizing shopping. >> changing everything. you'll see bills are soring with prices for eggs, bread, coffee up 30% in the past five years. that is why this is more important to go looking for deals before going shopping. genie is a 21 century bargain shopper, she's able to check for coupon that's help her save big. >> it is easier. very my phone.
6:35 pm
>> krorts shop smart. >> if you've got a smart phone, you can down load apps and have circulars at finger tips. you'll know what deals are. >> and there is grocery list on it and in search for coupons too. >> if you zront a smart phone smrks stores have kiosks and before gou shoching you can down load from a web site on to a royalty card that. way, just swipe the card at check out to get good deals. shopping with loyalty cards can help you save at the pump, too. points earned at some stores can translate into money saved per gallon of gas. now, genie finds with many new ways to save, she's not just saving money, she's saving time. >> and i just pit it up on the
6:36 pm
phone. i can see if they have the sale. >> and if you can't locate coupons for products you like, consumer reports suggests trying e mailing companies directly to ask for coupons of your favorite items. you'll be surprised. earlier, we were saying we're going to tell but the dmv registration and issue was that. people were not getting a letter from dmv or getting them late because legislature wasn't sure how much they're going to charge you. it turned out they're going to charge but half this year what they charged last year z that is a very sweet deal. you will be getting an extra 30 days to pay. and... >> pay less? >> and pay less, what a deal. >> if you've paid you'll get some back. >> sure. >> and moving on now, friends and family came to say goodbye to a fallen soldier today. the army staff sargeant was laid to rest in san bruno.
6:37 pm
and he served in the marine core and leaves behind a wife and two sons from a previous marriage. and stay with us, we'll be right back.
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in oakland they're
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celebrating a baseball championship. no, not for athletics these champs are 11 years old with boundless potential. and now, only an absence of money stands in their way. >> when the boys of summer are 11 years old, a baseball diamond can be the center of their universe. >> they made it for day, making it means being a champion. and everyone of the kids can make that claim. they went undefeated to become northern california's champions. for their coach, is especially gratifying. >> a lot of kids, they don't have a lot of fathers at home. it's like i'm a father, brother, uncle. sometimes, grandpa. >> this week add the word "worry". these are the best of times, they're the worst of it. these kids qualified for
6:41 pm
11-year-old world series in beaver, utah. but it's a long way from here to beaver, utah. problem is money. now, they have enough to send three kids out of 13. they need it by saturday. >> it's stressful. and i've been stressing for a week. >> that is holly brown, kevin's single mother, she'd spend the money for the trip but has been out of work so long... >> i don't have a bank account. >> do you think you'll make it?. >> yes. >> score one for optimism of youth. >> we don't check in by monday, 3:30 werk forfeit. >> i tried to do fund-raisers and bake sales. >> so these are desperate times for the boys of summer. and their coach. you know, luther sent some kids to college and other to professional contracts. yet, after that, beaver, utah and the possible world championship seems far, far away. >> i believe we won't leave
6:42 pm
anyone behind. >> if you'd like to help the team go to abc 7 and look under see it on tv. you'll find out how to reach the coach and one of the moms collecting money for the trip. >> nice to be able to see those kids get that trip. >> tonight it's a age-old sport. we're going to take a look at the television technology coming to it. >> that should make it easier to understand and follow the america's cup. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste
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of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®. first event leading toupt big event in san francisco in two years is about to kick off in portugal. and our resident sailor is here this, is changing the game for both racers and spectators. >> and they'd like to change more here in the u.s.. i put this story together with a lot of pictures and you'll see from video a bit about how they're hoping to sell this he stront a television audience. and fast, furious.
6:46 pm
and organizers want to you see this yacht race. >> everything is a lot quick year and telling the skipper when to turn in order to beat the competition. >> have you to try to plan out as much as you can in advance. on the race course. >> a world class sailor can see them before they happen but for television audiences it's go tok a challenge. the founder of sport vision in mountain view. >> this is to give the producer and director the story-telling tool autos take a look at the scene here. >> sport vision develop that had first down marker you can see in football. >> he's got down and distance markers to put up there. and same idea. >> and they developed a virtual strike zone for baseball. >> now, that technology is widely used in most ballpark
6:47 pm
autos and water is moving. cameras are moving. >> this is gps receivers. and. >> honeys long time partner explains, they're outfitted with trackers. they all mesh together producing graphics showing which is ahead, which is gaining and which has straightest shot at rounding marks. >> i think that if it can be made to work, so that sailing becomes a media sport in the u.s. this is the time. and the group to do it. >> and this is a reason behind the switch and a big part of the reason they'll be held to san francisco bay and attention being paid to the television technology. >> we're hoping that having the america's cup in 2013 on san francisco bay is going to,
6:48 pm
you know show people what sailing is all about. >> if this works it can change john's live. and he's won the volvo around the world race, won world championships, if he'd done as much in baseball, he'd be in the hall of fame signing autographs. and this is something he admits he doesn't get asked for often. >> no. i'm a relatively humble guy and i don't mind that. >> and that is what he says. and they'd love fit television became a television sport. ora cell's ceo told me this is an ideal place because of the wind and because broadcasters can count on races starting on time. this is all about the tv. >> thank you very much. >> gorgeous day for sailing
6:49 pm
out there today. >> it was. and it's not that fast. >> yes. and let's get our yachts ready now. >> yes. >> fire them up. >> forecast at 5:00 tomorrow morning, low clouds, fog pushing locally inland overnight. and they'll burn back away from the coastline and so there are 70s around the bay. and there is a highs tochl, 80 in napa. east bay, 85 in antioch. 72 oakland, and 67 this san francisco. just a bit to the south near monterey bay, mid-70s around the bay. mid-80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll warm up to low 90s inland. temperatures dropping off on thursday and friday. by sunday, mob, highs into low to mid-90s and around the bay low to mid-80s. >> thank you. >> and there will be a lot of
6:50 pm
orange and black at white house next week, president obama invited san francisco giants to washington to honor them for winning the world series last year. the team scheduled right after sunday's game against milwaukee. >> so the president gets a chance to fear the beard, right? >> exactly. >> we're back with a preview of the giants series with the dodger autos and a local speed demon and obstacles he's had
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
blue is for boys and pink, girls, right? join me tonight as dads weigh in on whether it's time to throw out a rule book. >> then at 11:00 the doll that teaches young girls how to be new moms. it's a toy some feel goes too far too soon. >> and now, we'll turn our attention to boys of summer. >> and giants back home hosting dreaded dodgers. they're 11 games under 500 and there is so record of 55 and 41.
6:54 pm
they have won one more game with buster posey than when he was in the every day line up. and the game-winning squeeze play keeps mixing and matching. >> this is part of our order with that. small things help. they're not dwelling on the fact he's not here. >> and they're getting closer and closer to a deal. nfl owners gearing up for a possible end of the lockout by the end of the week there. is a limited period of free agency would begin. players will be brought in to look over proposals again, tomorrow with prevailing attitude now, one of cautious optimism. >> as far as optimistic thing goes, nobody -- nobody cheers for at mile 25 of a mayorra
6:55 pm
thochblt have you to actually cross the finish line. there is thing that's can get you tripped up. we're just going to push through. >> and when the lockout ends, twi wan jones is ready to run. he came out of deer valley high school in antioch. now... a lot of guys were fast. he is a blur. >> i knew al davis was sweet but i didn't think would it happen for him to draft me what. are the odds of me getting drafted locally? and he stuck to us and i got a seat. >> he was a great college player but great at division one double a eastern washington. he needed to folk yais speed whit counted most. jones did just that. running the 40-yard dash in a smoking 4.28 seconds. >> and i wanted to word to
6:56 pm
believe in my speed. and it was my job is to-to-show everybody else i was. >> he could have been a big time player but displexa made it difficult to get good grades. he ended up at eastern washington. learning disability is just one of the many obstacles he's overcome. >> during a draft and stuff like that, a lot of things were said. i'm undersized so i'm coming in with a chip. >> so so close, yet so far, u.s. women's world cup has many great scoring champions yesterday. and alex morgan is a former cal star. she has a very bright future, but now, the team is just trying to deal with massive dispatments. >> this 12 hours have difficult for us.
6:57 pm
and it's kind of put a smile on our face. showed us we should be proud of what we brought back. >> and we finish with an amazing crash this weekend at a motor cross event. losing it and there is a jump and soars in the air. crashing and actually skidding down the hillside which probably saved him. and somehow guess gets up, gets back on the bike. and finishes... the race. look at the crash one more time, here. you want to talk about a tough guy? that is a different breed. >> that speaks to athletics involved in that. >> remarkable. >> or the craziness. >> yes. >> and thanks for joining us. have a good night.t.t.t.t.t.t.t. these sweehoney clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one!
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i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyo recognition. fibeone.
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